About Us

We are an international group, composed of Ghanaians and Germans, who has taken shape following the adage of the Saarland „everyone knows everyone“. We have decided together with our Ghanaian friends, who have been living in Germany for a long time to establish a vocational training center in the area around Accra. In this way we enable disadvantaged young people to pursue a qualified vocational training.

Together with our Ghanaian friends, who have been living in Saarland for a long time, we have decided to found a training center around Accra. This enables disadvantaged young people to complete a qualified education.

The team of the first hour

Abdoul Jalil Tschamabourou, 1st Chairman

An African proverb reads:

„It’s better to teach someone to catch a fish than to always give it a fish.“

This saying fits my vision. I know how important it is to provide sustainable help, which leads to more self-confidence and thus to self-determined action.

Our project aims to provide future prospects for disadvantaged poor young people in Ghana, so that they may want to stay in our beautiful country and not embark on the dangerous, long and often deadly journey across the Mediterranean.

Ishak Adnan Mohammed

In order to improve the global coexistence, the individual satisfaction must be given. I am committed to a training project in Ghana, as many people in Africa believe only in Europe there is a chance for a better life, and therefore want to leave their African homeland. I believe that such educational projects could provide a perspective for the people who want to escape for economic reasons and spare them a lot of human misery.

I believe that together we will achieve our vision and I am thankful that I am allowed to participate in this association.

Gabriel Wünsch

Gerhard Baatz

My motivation is to pass on a handful of technical knowledge from five decades of work experience, here my self-employment and the instructor qualification can be of great help.

Jürgen Couturier

In my opinion, one should not exploit, even plunder, the lands of the so-called global South (including, for example, Ghana), as they have done for centuries, but nowadays one should try to give something back to these countries and help them to have a better future. I would therefore like to support the project „Training Assistance West Africa“ ??as well as I can.

Peter May

Prince Faruk Inowah

I’m from Ghana, have been living in Germany for 8 years and work as a professional driver at the Saarbrücker Staßenbahngesellschaft. I joined the club because I am convinced that the training project we want to open in Ghana will create new prospects for young Ghanaians.

The young people lack opportunities for qualified training and jobs.

I have thought of the economic immigrants who risk their lives by fleeing across the desert and across the Mediterranean to Europe. Projects such as this could humiliate the flow of immigrants, relieve European society and give young people in Ghana hope for a better life in their homeland.

Silvia Goergen

I am a world reformer, I am for peace. I used to go into development aid, but I did not dare, today I plan and organize with great people the implementation of a training project in West Africa.

We found each other typically Saarland: everyone knows everyone or knows someone who knows one.

I firmly believe that together we will achieve our vision. I am grateful that I am allowed to participate in this association.

Reiner Willinger, 2nd Chairman

Although I did not continue to work as a metalworker after completing my apprenticeship as a locksmith, I was able to build on this professionally and, forty years later, was always happy to be able to help myself in everyday life and not always rely on outside help. As we talk about sustainability today, it quickly becomes clear that the ability to repair things instead of throwing them away must be promoted.

Two trips to Ghana have shown me that there is a great need in the emerging country for well-trained craftsmen. Since the parents in Ghana have to pay school fees and afterwards also apprenticeship money for their children, which is not possible for many, the children stay without completed vocational training.

The current refugee situation in Germany finally gave the impulse that I absolutely have to become active. If the young people in their home countries have no perspective, what should they do but flee? So if we want to curb this misery connected with the whole wave of refugees, we have to support those affected and help them to get an education in their home country and thus to create a livelihood.

The fact that I have quickly gained many committed colleagues for this idea gives me courage and strength to hope for institutional help and to realize the project Training Center in Ghana.