Well Project

Dansu (approx. 500 inhabitants) is one of many places in Ghana that has no drinking water supply lines. To get water, people have to walk 1-2 km to the next pond. The water from the pond must be boiled before use. In order to help the people there, the idea was born to drill a well in the middle of the village, which supplies many people with clean drinking water. The founders of the association Ausbildungshilfe Westafrika e.V. financed the well. The well is a great relief for the people in Dansu, as they no longer have to spend much time and effort to get clean drinking water. The well was built in autumn 2017. One year later we visited the well and could convince ourselves that the well is completely intact and used by many people.

Water pond in the bush autumn 2017

Start of well construction 2017

In the middle of well construction 2017

Finished well 2018

Clean Well Water 2018

Inspection after completion autumn 2018