Project Costs

Project outlook (estimated costs)
In the first training course we intend to train 20 young people in the area of
locksmith’s shop for house construction (gates, doors, railings). The training period is 2-2.5 years. Further planned training courses: sanitary (washbasin, toilet, shower, bath), air conditioning and electrical.

cost components                                                                                             Costs in €
Plot of land 2 ha                                                                                                        12.000
Building costs for training centre                                                                          approx. 50.000
Equipment + Tools and machines                                                                         will be made available as a donation.
Transport Container Germany – Ghana                                                               approx. 3,500 – 7,000 (for 1-2 containers)
board + lodging incl. health insurance                                                                 approx. 150/month per trainee
Costs for teachers/trainers                                                                                     350/month per teacher


To train 20 young people, we need 4 teachers for the first training course.

Total costs: approx. 200,000 euros.